The evil skul cake outubro 30, 2013

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Hello dear friends, how long I don´t see you?

Yes, this post é totaly dedicaded to my beautiful and dear boyfriend  Carlos Wagner  that wanted this blog back.

I can´t promise anything and I´m going slowly, but what I did today really deserves a special post!

A few days ago, I was zapping on the web and I found this website that sells skull´s trays for the Halloween. I immediatly bought because I love cakes and I love skulls. Is there  a nicest thing? I know that there is, but, in this regard, I swear that there isn´t.


The package came with a delicious recipe, and I used it.



The result is a super duper delicious and original cake!! But, as I never follow 100% a recipe, I din´t use the filling indicated. I used a strawberry jelly because I´d like a sanguinary effect and also a painted black the eyes, nose and mouth.


foto 4





And, in the end, we have a evil skull cake!!


foto 3